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Love your kids, Love your life!  Assisting Mums to find a life of purpose, to confidently create a better world for our children to grow up in.

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"One of the most courageous things you can do
is identify yourself, know who you are,
what you believe in and
where you want to go."
Sheila Murray Bethel

  • Find Your Purpose

    Dr Oz rates this in the top three factors for living a long and healthy life.  Have a reason (besides your kids) to keep your heart beating and that you leap out of bed for!

  • Boost Your Confidence

    No matter what you think about yourself – you created life! Think about it  – Assembly, delivery and now tending to.  YOU ROCK!  You’ve got this master creator you.  Now I want to see you strut!

  • When Mum's Happy, the Whole Family is Happy.

    This is not just a cute saying, it’s 100% true.  Further more you’d be surprised what lengths your partner, family, children and even the entire Universe would go to for you to realise it!

About Vanessa Rudge

Feeling blessed to live a life where she does what she loves every day, she dreams (and believes) that it is possible for all.

So Mums Unleashed was birthed as a vehicle for mothers to reinvent themselves and stand strong in who they are now, for self, family and the planet.

Having taught yoga classes and training courses for the past 22 years, Vanessa has delivered well over 10,000 hours. This level of experience is priceless when it comes to creating and facilitating programs that change lives.

See What Our Amazing Mums Have to Say

I loved the way Vanessa was able to take my goals and ideas and "package" them into practical achievements that aligned with my values and dreams. Everything unfolded very organically and with some "gentle" tough love I was set tasks to keep my dreams on track. I am very grateful to Vanessa for being able to draw out what was already inside me and give me the direction and motivation to bring the dream into reality.


“Vanessa and I did some coaching work around growing my business. Having her there keeping me motivated and accountable was really helpful and kept me feeling inspired and my vision clear. Vanessa makes you feel really comfortable and our weekly chats felt like I was just chatting to a friend. She was always there giving me guidance and support when I needed it. ”