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It's time to put yourself first!
Reclaim Your Self.
Ignite Your Purpose.

Create a better world.

Do you feel like you lost your SELF in motherhood?
What we'll cover in the transformational course.
Shape shift beliefs.

Who were you before the world told you who to be? All of our beliefs have been handed to us by parents, teachers and society. Are they really yours? This first session digs into beliefs, superstitions and points of view and asks “Is this a useful belief?” Prepare to be set free as you smash through your limiting beliefs.

Discover your Inner Treasure

Now we have a clean slate we can dive into the particular talents that you have. Motherhood may have changed your values and desires a little.  You are different now.  And yet the busyness has meant that you haven't noticed those nuanced changes.  Who are you now?  Prepare to dive in. Deep satisfaction lies ahead.

The Obstacle is the Way

Session 3
Come closer, I have a secret...those terrible, tragic events in your life, they have actually left you with a treasure. Ever heard the saying the gift in adversity? By the end of this session you will well and truly know it is a fact. By leaning into these obstables prepare to awaken an unshakeable force within.

Triumphant Return

Session 4
At the intersection of trauma and talent is a sweet spot. It’s what you were put on this earth to do. Call it your life purpose, mission or pure joy. Your life’s calling beautifully brings together all the parts of you in a way that you have always yearned for but couldn’t figure out. This return to wholeness “You complete me” like the hole in the donut is now filled.

After the Ecstasy...

Session 5
How can you make this dream a reality? Baby steps or giant leaps but each one taken with a boldness and a belief that it is meant to happen. There is a rightness to the feeling here. An awakening of the Joie de Vivre that glistens in your eyes. Your kids see it. Why is mum so happy? Ah, she drank the elixir...


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What to expect.
Engaging videos in bite size ‘fit in with your life' chunks.
Or download the audio only file and listen on the go.
A complete printable workbook to journal your answers.
Help others + Help yourself!
10% proceeds donated to Destiny Rescue.
Rescuing & restoring innocent children from sexual slavery.
Hear from others about this life enhancing program.
I loved the way Vanessa guided me to take my goals and ideas and "package" them into practical achievements that aligned with my values and dreams. Everything unfolded very organically and with some "gentle" tough love I was set tasks to keep my dreams on track. I am very grateful to Vanessa for being able to draw out what was already inside me and give me the direction and motivation to bring the dream into reality.
Retreat Facilitator
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About Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa Rudge is a Professional Trainer and Co-Founder of Being Yoga

Vanessa's wish is to empower women as creative goddesses to live as the best version of themselves.  She helps women harness their own creative energy to tune into their life purpose. When a woman's career and life path are in alignment, they are better mothers, lovers & humans.  This unleashes enormous dormant energies that have the potential to transform the world.  This same world that our children will  inherit.

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