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It's time you put yourself first! 


Reclaim Your Self.

Ignite Your Purpose. 

Create a better world.

Mums Unleashed is a movement, a collective of mothers, putting themselves first to create a compelling, fulfilled life with a flavour of service to make the world a better place.

There are zero healthy lunch box ideas here, though you will take hold of the tools to clarify your life mission.  You don’t need tips on being a good Mum, you need to be an example of living a happy and fulfilled life.  After all, children rarely do what we tell them, they do as we do.

Mums Unleashed is ALL ABOUT YOU!  

"One of the most courageous things you can dois identify yourself, know who you are,what you believe in andwhere you want to go." 
Sheila Murray Bethel

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Online Program

Step 1

Jump in for a healthy dose of "me time" with hand crafted video lessons and work books, delivered to your lounge room, to help you find your purpose and thrive.

Transformation Retreat

Step 1

Take your "me time" up a huge notch with a two day get away to a kid free haven with a bunch of other cool mums.  Oh yeah, and carve out some time to reflect on life a little.

One on One Coaching

Step 1

Even Roger Federer has a coach!  Yes, you can do it all yourself - you're SuperMum, but sometimes having a skilled coach to get you started or guide you through rough patches is a true gem.

Our children don't do as we say....
They do as we DO.

When you are on purpose, living a rich and meaningful life, imagine the impact this will have on your children!

You see, this creates a win-win effect as not only does the world benefit from your right livelihood,  you show your children a world of possibilities.


I loved the way Vanessa guided me to take my goals and ideas and "package" them into practical achievements that aligned with my values and dreams. Everything unfolded very organically and with some "gentle" tough love I was set tasks to keep my dreams on track. I am very grateful to Vanessa for being able to draw out what was already inside me and give me the direction and motivation to bring the dream into reality.


Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa Rudge is a Professional Trainer and Co-Founder of Being Yoga

Feeling blessed to live a life where she does what she loves every day, she dreams (and believes) that it is possible for all.

As a mother, she was proud to let this lifestyle choice be a teaching to her children. After seeing many mothers come to her yoga teacher training with a desperation to become themselves again, she saw a need that required some attention.

So Mums Unleashed was birthed as a vehicle for mothers to reinvent themselves and stand strong in who they are now, for self, family and the planet.

Having taught yoga classes, retreats and training courses for the past 23 years, Vanessa has delivered well over 10,000 hours. This level of experience is priceless when it comes to creating and facilitating programs that change lives.

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